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We want you to feel safe in all circumstances and make the most out of the simplicity and functionality of Fixilver.

Security of Personal Information

Fixilver takes security and privacy seriously. Our experienced regulatory team ensures compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws. We urge you to act in accordance with our precautionary policy at all times (https://www.fixilver.com/tac.php). For specific questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support Team (support@fixilver.com / Tel +41 22 548 17 77).

Security of your personal devices

We understand that connected devices are personal items. IT Pros can only see your screen and you will therefore control the content you want to share with them. ITpros cannot take control of your screen unless you allow them to. The Fixilver platform is constructed from widely used technologies to ensure security and reliability.

Background Checks

IT Pros undergo a robust screening process before they can join our platform. Every IT Pro must pass an identity check and background screening. In addition, before being able to help clients via our platform, new IT Pros must be trained in order to learn the best reflexes to be an excellent IT Pro.

Dispute Resolution Process

To contact Fixilver about any concerns, bad experiences or billing disputes, our Customer Support Team is available via phone or email. If you have any supporting documentation we ask that you submit them as they will be required to complete your claim.

If your issue needs immediate attention, please contact our Customer Support Team (support@fixilver.com / Tel +41 22 548 17 77).