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Fixilver is an IT support booking platform based in Geneva Switzerland.

Our mission is helping people with their IT problems by instantly connecting them with independent and reliable IT pros.

Our strategy is instant support. No registration, no downloads...and hopefully no waiting. No problem is too small - if it matters to you, it matters to us!

As we move to an all-digital, paperless world, tech companies are ignoring large sections of the older population that are struggling to keep up. Not everyone is a tech savvy Millennial.

With one click you connect to a friendly face that speaks your language. ITPros will guide you through the problem-solving process but you remain in control. We understand that connected devices are personal items. IT Pros can only see your screen and you will therefore control the content you want to share with them. ITpros cannot take control of your screen unless you allow them to.

Our vision is to end IT Hell - where solutions to IT problems are sorted in just one click.